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Reading the defense: Sherman's slow IDP march

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This week on Reading the Defense, I'm going to do something different. I will go the entire column without mentioning the name J.J. Watt. What's that you say? I just wrote J.J. Watt's name? Crap. I have failed you already. Anyway, cheap nhl jerseys there were plenty of other notable IDP players doing good IDP things in Week 7 of the season. Let's talk about them, shall we?

Last week in this space, I wrote about the Rams lack of sacks -- most notably Robert Quinn having been shut out through the first five games of the season. Then in the Week 7 upset of the Seahawks, the Rams defense picked up three quarterback takedowns, with Quinn getting his first of the year. So let's see if we can't keep this magic going with another NFC West defense.

What in the name of Pike's Place Market is going on with Richard Sherman and cheap nhl jerseys FROM CHINA the Legion of Boom? Through the first six games of the season, that formidable unit has pulled in a cheap nhl jerseys china grand total of two interceptions and neither of them belong to Sherman. What's going on? Has the Legion of Boom become the Legion of Gloom?

Not exactly. The issue is that offenses are taking a new approach to attacking the Seattle secondary, namely staying patient and making a lot of short throws. So far this season, more than half (54 percent) of the passing attempts against the Seahawks defense have been within five yards of the line of scrimmage. That means the ball is usually coming out quickly, not allowing the physical 'Hawks defenders time to cheap nhl jerseys china get to the football. And because Seattle isn't boatracing opponents like they did last season, the opposition can remain patient and stick to the game plan. This could be the story for the foreseeable future. With games upcoming against the Panthers, Giants and Chiefs it's not likely that there will be a ton of downfield attempts against this secondary. The Boom isn't a bust, but it's certainly been muted.

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